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100 Product Managers Interview with Julia Kanter from Expedia

Jul 4, 2017

Episode 32: “Kindness” with Julia Kanter, Expedia

By: Suzanne Abate @suzanneabate

Julia Kanter loves her job.

If you're a customer of, chances are you're already benefitting because of it.

As Senior Global Product Manager at Expedia, Inc. (a title she thinks sounds a little too fancy), Julia owns "Scratchpad," a modern tool to alleviate the old-fashioned pain of planning travel with pen and paper.

Her approach to product management might be summed up with a single query:

Am I contributing value?

As a fresh employee of American Express, Julia got her first opportunity to build products rather by accident - when a key member of a newly formed loyalty product division abruptly left the company, leaving Kanter in charge.

Since then she's had an unhealthy obsession with banks and travel companies, spreading good product cheer at both JP Morgan Chase and Orbitz before landing in her current role.

Actually I'm lying about the obsession part. Julia's deliberate career path has been partly informed by a former mentor, who once advised "anytime you're looking for a new role, try to keep 50% familiar and 50% new. That way, you don't fall on your face, but you're still learning and being challenged."

Today at Expedia, the learning continues:

  • How to develop effective processes for managing a globally distributed team
  • Which tools are the right tools to succeed on the job?
  • Rejecting societal "norms" and taking up space as a woman

Tune in for the whole conversation below, and enjoy the infectious kindness of Julia Kanter.

"My favorite part of being a Product Manager is, honestly, that it doesn't force you to choose what career you want to really allows you to do anything that you want." - Julia Kanter


Expedia - The World's Leading Online Travel Company

In 1996, a small division within Microsoft launched online travel booking site®, giving consumers a revolutionary new way to research and book travel. Since that time, Expedia, Inc. has evolved into the world’s leading online travel company, with a portfolio that includes some of the world’s most notable travel brands.

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