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why we’re different
100PM believes in creating a diverse community that all share a common interest in advancing their career, or starting a career in product management.
Latest Podcasts


In this episode:

  • A warm welcome to Women Who Code, NYC
  • Product Management as Power
  • Breaking it down and building it
Jun 13

In this episode:

  • Where product marketers and product managers meet
  • Why "moving fast and breaking things" isn't a mantra that flies well in enterprise
  • Modified agile for big companies
May 23

In this episode:

  • The rise and fall of Undercurrent NYC
  • Grinding your way toward shared understanding
  • Not getting caught in one identity
May 08

In this episode:

  • Soft robotics, Exoskeletons, and 3D Printers
  • From design thinking to product mindset
  • Startup life in NYC
Apr 25
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