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A Job That Never Ends

with Tom Kuhr of MomentFeed
Oct 19, 2016
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A Job That Never Ends | 100 PM
A Job That Never Ends | 100 PM

Tom Kuhr is a veteran product strategist in Silicon Beach and well versed in what it takes to find startup success:

Without building anything, you should be able to test a concept and someone's propensity to buy it or adopt it very early on in the process. That market research phase is - if it was done more often - people would save a lot more time and money, but it's also very difficult for people to understand that running an idea by their friends doesn't mean anything at the end of the day. Tom Kuhr

I had the great fortune to meet Tom a few years back while discussing some UX improvements to a real estate product he was managing, just one of many high growth businesses he's played hand in helping excel over the past 20 years.

Today Kuhr is helping steer the team of Momentfeed - a westside startup that's betting big on helping businesses leverage mobile SEO and scale their social media.

In the latest episode of 100 PM product management podcast, Tom Kuhr lays down hard truths about why many companies should never get funded, the real reason there are so many job openings in product management, and how to succeed with nothing but the powers of persuasion.

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