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25 Years in the Life of a PM

with Steven Jones of project44
Nov 22, 2017
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25 Years in the Life of a PM | 100 PM
25 Years in the Life of a PM | 100 PM

Today marks the finale of our Chicago series and the 45th episode of our podcast.

It's fitting that our guest is Steven Jones, who knows that doing about 50 of anything (let alone 100) is no easy feat!

Just a couple years ago Steven had an ambitious idea to document A Year in the Life of a Product Manager over fifty-two weeks, the persistence to finish it, and the wisdom to never try it again!

OK that's not exactly how he put it. To quote Jones, "that was a fun, exhausting year."

The truth is that Steven Jones believes in challenging oneself and today he's pushing himself further than ever by helping the team at project44 overhaul the transportation industry through freight APIs.

Steven has invested over 25 years in software- as a CTO, as a Solutions Architect, as a Product Manager. For more than half that time he's also given his time to develop the Chicago PM community, through an underground peer mentoring program he initiated.

Today we all benefit from Steven's advice and 25 Years in the Life of a Product Manager.

Tune in below.

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project44 was founded to ensure that retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and 3PLs are empowered to communicate critical data with their transportation providers and supply chain partners in a fully-automated, real-time manner.
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