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100 Product Managers Interview with Natacha Gaymer-Jones from LegalTap

Sep 20, 2016

Episode 8: “Nobody Wants to Talk About Failure” with Natacha Gaymer-Jones, LegalTap

By: Suzanne Abate @suzanneabate

My good friend Natacha Gaymer-Jones calls me Captain, but in business she’s the captain.

Gaymer-Jones is the CEO of Iolite – an LA-based product consultancy – as well as the recent founder of LegalTap, a startup that helps people connect with lawyers on demand for quick consultations at a low-fee.

As a career woman in tech, NGJ is no stranger to the challenges that women face when they “try to demonstrate the same assertiveness as men.” But our conversation isn’t just about gender, it's about the real struggles of building a product business and what it takes to be successful in product management.

“If you’re switching from a different career directly into product management, you know, there is a learning curve. So you have to figure out, are you willing to take that learning curve? Are you willing to take the late nights to learn the tools to be able to do all the things you might need to?” - Natacha Gaymer-Jones

We sat down with Natacha in West Hollywood to talk about the fundamental differences between project management and product management, and why advertising agencies are falling far behind when it comes to product.

In our eighth episode we’ll look at:

  • The business of launching a product
  • Why “validated learning” is essential to success – whether or not your company is funded
  • How even product experts fall victim to the trap of “starting with solution”
  • The ugly truth about startup success (it’s rarer than the media will have you think)

If you’re looking for a fresh, female perspective on entrepreneurship and perseverance, tune in now.


LegalTap - Lawyers on Demand

LegalTap connects the public with Lawyers for quick 15 minute consultations, anytime – anyplace. For $39 you can connect with a lawyer in every field of practice. After your consultation, you can access forms for purchase and download – making legal easy and affordable.

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