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Put Something Out and See What Happens

with Nina Zidani of HipHopDX
Oct 05, 2016
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Put Something Out and See What Happens | 100 PM
Put Something Out and See What Happens | 100 PM

Nina Zidani is the Head of Product and User Experience at HipHopDX here in LA, but she got her start desgining pizza box packages in Haifa, Israel.

HipHopDX is the industry's leading source for hip hop news and culture, an online publication that recently celebrated its 17th birthday!

100 PM sat down with Nina to talk about content-as-product and the challenges of rising to a product manager title through the design department.

For me that was a very hard thing to let go of. Like the fact that oh, it has to be perfect and then we put it out. Because that's the way I was used to with packaging. That's the way I worked with packaging or with exhibition. Like, you can't hang this on the wall if it's not perfect. You can't have people come and look at this beautiful exhibition if it's not well put together and everything is in its right place, so I looked at product the same way. Then I realized that it's not that way. It's okay to put something out and see what happens. Nina Zidani

In this episode:

  • Putting the user first - how to negotiate the needs of advertisers without disruping the reader experience
  • Cool tools for design, prototyping and managing feature releases
  • Learning to let go of perfection

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Keep up with Nina and HipHopDX on Twitter by following @sunbird3000, @hihopdx.

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