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100 Product Managers Interview with Mike Fishbein from This is Product Management

Mar 27, 2018

Episode 50: “This is Mike Fishbein” with Mike Fishbein, This is Product Management

By: Suzanne Abate @suzanneabate

Many of you listeners may know Mike Fishbein as the host behind the (other) popular product management podcast, This is Product Management.

But you might not know about Mike's superpowers as a digital marketer generating leads for Fortune 500 companies and venture-backed startups. In fact, it was under the identity of marketing superhero that Fishbein found himself at Alpha - a leading user insights platform for product managers.

Soon after, TIPM was born:

"We're working with product leaders at some large companies and we started acting like product managers and understanding what product managers need, and what product managers want. What we found was that there was really a lack of resources around modern product management best practices," Fishbein tells me as we begin swapping notes on why we love helping product people learn.

Tune in below to hear the full story of how This is Product Management began, why marketing is much more like product management than you'd think, and plenty of practical advice distilled from some of the world's best product leaders.

This is Mike Fishbein.


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