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100 Product Managers Interview with Mike Bracco from JibJab

Aug 1, 2016

Episode 1: “Subtract Until it Breaks” with Mike Bracco, JibJab

By: Suzanne Abate @suzanneabate

Mike Bracco doesn’t miss east coast winters and he doesn’t care for inefficiency.

Meet the guy who charmed his way into a writing job at The Next Web with no technology experience, co-hosted This Week in Social Media “just for fun,” and managed to land his first PM role just three years after graduating because he was hungry. An inspiring role model for going after what you want and a living, jogging testament to the merits of learning on the job.

As a Senior Product Manager, Bracco is responsible for leading JibJab’s mobile applications into the new era of social messaging, taking cues from Snapchat, Facebook and the emerging world of chat bots.

You need to be curious and you need to be constantly testing. I have hundreds and hundreds of apps on my phone. I’m testing everything. I think you can’t really be good at your job if you’re not playing with everything that’s out there, because things change fast, things evolve fast. — Mike Bracco

We caught up with Mike to talk about elf hats and what’s next on his product roadmap.

In this episode we’ll look at:

  • A typical day in the life of a product manager
  • Why “recipes” are essential to maximizing personal productivity
  • How to live happily in Los Angeles without owning a car, and
  • Why side projects are essential to getting started in product management

We had a great time geeking out about tools and toys and a rich conversation about building the right skills for a career in product— hope you have just as much fun listening!

You can learn more about Mike’s journey at his website — or if you snap, give him a follow.


JibJab - Ecards for every occasion.

JibJab is a company dedicated to making funny things worth sharing. They've been pioneering online entertainment production and distribution since 1999. From political satires like the 2004 smash hit This Land to offbeat Sendables® eCards and personalized Starring You!® videos, their insanely audacious goal is to make billions of people happy.

100 Product Managers began with a mission to interview one hundred active product managers in Los Angeles - from startups to enterprise. We didn't realize we were also pioneering the web's first consolidated and comprehensive resource for product management topics.