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100 Product Managers Interview with Lisa Dyer from IBM

Jul 18, 2017

Episode 33: “A Degree in Everything” with Lisa Dyer, IBM

By: Suzanne Abate @suzanneabate

Inside IBM there's a radical new commitment to educating and interning Associate Product Managers across the company, and Lisa Dyer is the fiery catalyst at the heart of it.

It makes sense, actually.

Lisa had a long career of joining early stage startups and helping navigate them to next levels of growth. So when her last company, Lombardi Software, got acquired by the behemoth IBM, she expected she'd be moving on to the next venture.

Instead, she found an intrapreneurial pursuit close to her heart:

effecting change.

From an early desire for a degree in everything, to an early career as a translator, Lisa Dyer's story is one of resolve and reinvention.

In this episode:

  • Dissecting the IBM ecosystem
  • Radical collaboration
  • Introduction to the APM Program

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