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100 Product Managers Interview with Lauren Antonelli from Evite

Sep 6, 2016

Episode 6: “Getting to a Leadership Mindset” with Lauren Antonelli, Evite

By: Suzanne Abate @suzanneabate

Lauren Antonelli is the Director of Product at Evite, but she doesn't mind calling the plumber.

"Which is what I think a startup experience is about, not really just wearing one hat but kind of doing whatever you can to get the idea off the ground."

Antonelli is speaking about Intern Sushi - the startup that wooed her away from a career in film and television before she joined and quietly ascended her way to the top of Evite's product team.

But what's on Lauren's mind lately is how to make the shift from an executor to a leader.

"When I was an executor I was an asshole. I was on the bottom floor being the bulldog saying, I want it now. I want it this way," she tells me. "Now it's, Where do you think we can go? How are we going to get there? There's a lot more 'we' that happens."

We're speaking of lessons learned on the job and advice from Simon Sinek's latest book, Leaders Eat Last. And we're laughing, a lot.

This is what makes Lauren Antonelli so likable. She'll make you laugh, then she'll just about make you cry. She tells it like it is and she's not afraid to put her own self in the firing line.

In this latest conversation, we talk about how to stop doing everything yourself, how to be diplomatic and which product management tasks are the easiest to give up as your team grows.

Tune in to the whole conversation below.

You have to be committed to failing over and over again. -Lauren Antonelli


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