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The Product Guy

with Jeremy Horn of Tafifi
Apr 11, 2018
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The Product Guy | 100 PM
The Product Guy | 100 PM

According to Jeremy Horn, his widely popular blog and alter ego The Product Guy started in part to prove to the rest of his team that he was more than just "the tech guy."

And maybe to create some separation from Gumby the Ultimate Fighter, which is what you might find if you try searching Jeremy by his name.

The truth is that "tech guy" is a fitting moniker for a man who started inventing at age five, took an early job coding websites (putting "some pictures on a page"), and built an early neural net during his first run at product.

The rest is far from history. Jeremy helped design the very first iteration of General Assembly's Product Management course; launched The Product Group - a meetup and peer mentoring product organization; and is currently building Tafifi - a new kind software for helping product managers do their jobs better.

In this episode we sit down with The Product Guy to talk about why founders have to be product people (or learn to be); the blinding power of ignorance; and how to develop effective product training.

Tune in below.

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