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Throwing Caution to the Wind

with Inga Latham of SiteMinder
Jan 22, 2019
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Throwing Caution to the Wind | 100 PM
Throwing Caution to the Wind | 100 PM

Inga Latham left a promising career as a lifestyle journalist in London to try her hand at product management, a job she knew nothing about.

That radical leap of faith led her to leading product roles at both Ticketmaster and Commonwealth Bank. Today Inga is Chief Product Officer at SiteMinder, a guest acquisition platform for hotels and one of Australia’s hottest startups called SiteMinder.

I sat down with Inga at Leading the Product Conference to discuss balancing strategic and tactical activities as a product person, how to avoid common pitfalls of product teams, and making the leap from Senior Product Manager to VP of Product.

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About Inga

Former journalist Inga started her career during the dot-com boom. Her vast experience encompasses product strategy implementation, mobile applications and user-centred design.

Inga started her working life as journalist and found user experience and product management quite by (fortuitous) accident in the early years of the “dotcom” boom in London.

Inga has seen the good, the bad & the ugly as a veteran of & Yahoo!, two online travel agencies, ticketing & financial services. She has led product strategy, implementation, launch & optimisation programmes for complex, content rich, transactional websites & mobile applications across multiple geographies, based on a marriage of commercial drivers & user-centred design principles.

Inga recently joined one of Australia’s most successful startups, SiteMinder, as CPO. SiteMinder provides hotels world-wide with a complete guest acquisition platform.

To learn more about Inga, check out the links below.

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