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A Different Way of Doing

with Blair Reeves of SAS
May 23, 2018
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A Different Way of Doing | 100 PM
A Different Way of Doing | 100 PM

Blair Reeves was frustrated.

Like all of us, he wants to learn be a better product manager. But much of what's been written about product management in recent years applies best to startups and consumer-focused products, not business-to-business organizations at the highest end of scale.

For example, at SAS, the 40 year-old software leader where Blair manages the Customer Intelligence 360 platform, the ratio of employees to customers is about 2000 to 1. This changes the way innovation happens, the way customer development is handled, and how "agile" the product development process can truly be.

*So where's the book on building products for the enterprise? *

As it happens, it's available today at O'Reilly Media, thanks to Reeves and partner Ben Gaines (Adobe Analytics), who thoughtfully set out to fill the void with a practical guide to product management that helps enterprise PMs navigate the challenges that are unique to large-scale organizations.

100 PM caught up with Blair during his last week in NYC (he's since relocated to SAS's headquarters in North Carolina) to learn more about enterprise product management, why "moving fast and breaking things" isn't a mantra that flies well in his world, and to (sort of) settle the score on whether agile is possible when delivering products by and for big companies.

Listen to the episode below and buy the book! today!

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