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From Leadership to Entrepreneurship

with Aarti Manwani of Good Luck Ventures
Jun 27, 2018
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From Leadership to Entrepreneurship | 100 PM
From Leadership to Entrepreneurship | 100 PM

Aarti Manwani's story is one of bucking the status quo.

After six years of computer engineering, Manwani discovered a hard truth: she just wasn't so passionate about coding. Fortunately, a mentor encouraged her to dabble in the nascent world of product management, and thus a new life was revealed. In fact, Manwani became so passionate about product management that she passed over a job offer at Google to take her first associate PM position at E Trade.

In the years that passed, Manwani quickly laddered up to multiple product leadership positions with several major players in the healthcare space. But desire is a funny thing and once again Manwani opted for the road less traveled, this time as entrepreneur in service of helping companies drive explosive growth.

This is Aarti Manwani today as Founder of Good Luck Ventures - a growth-focused product management and development company working with both startups and bigger enterprises to build products, test product-market fit, and to help them scale.

In this episode:

  • How and when to insource a product team
  • Leaving leadership to become a founder
  • Why you have to be excited by responsibility to lead in product

Press play below and say hello to Aarti on LinkedIn.

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Good Luck Ventures

Good Luck Ventures is a growth-focused product management, development and design company. Clients include Box, Inc., Colivo, Inc., and Landit.
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