Building Community

with Mike Belsito of Product Collective

Dec 12, 2017   by suzanne abate
Building Community | 100 PM
Building Community | 100 PM

One day in Los Angeles, I received an email from a friend and past guest of the 100 PM podcast telling me I should meet Mike Belsito.

It didn't take long to understand why the connection was made. We've both been called to the same mission: to support the product community.

It just so happens that Mike's doing it from an unlikely place: Cleveland, Ohio.

Mike is the co-founder of Product Collective, a fast-growing community of product people from across the world who come together in conversation and, once a year, in person, at INDUSTRY: The Product Conference to share ideas and best practices and to learn from each other.

I witnessed firsthand how tirelessly Mike and his team work to make INDUSTRY a success. Which explains why it's the world fastest growing product conference (about to make its European debut in Dublin in April 2018). It also explains why I needed to wait until after the conference to finally sit down with Mike and hear his story.

Tune in below for this special edition of 100 Product Managers.


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