Product Manager Turned CEO

with Jen Marshall of Brainmates
Dec 13, 2017
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Product Manager Turned CEO | 100 PM
Product Manager Turned CEO | 100 PM

Jen Marshall was in the newsroom the day Saddam Hussein was captured, but ten years as a broadcast journalist pales to the thrills she's having today as a first-time CEO.

Her company, Brainmates, is Australia's leading Agile and Product Management Training group and the masterminds behind Leading the Product, a one day product conference held annually in both Melbourne and Sydney.

Now you might be asking, how exactly does somebody transition from broadcaster to CEO and where does the product management part come in?

The answer is by pivoting.

Marshall leveraged her news know-how to qualify for a product manager role at a telecom company that cared far less about her lacking PM resume (teachable skills, they said) than her domain expertise.

It was from there that she eventually found and joined Brainmates, initially as a Product Management Coach and, now, as CEO.

In this special episode, we talk to Jen Marshall about why enterprise organizations struggle to become product-centric, how to run effective training within your organization, and why liberal arts students always make the best product managers.

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