Launching Great Products Play by Play

with Dan Olsen of Olsen Solutions LLC
Dec 13, 2017
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Launching Great Products Play by Play | 100 PM
Launching Great Products Play by Play | 100 PM

The Lean Startup "movement" has birthed many great tomes of product management wisdom. But few are as accessible, practical and practicable than Dan Olsen's Lean Product Playbook.

As the former product manager for both Intuit and Friendster, and top consultant to companies such as Box, Dan Olsen has learned his share of product lessons, but it's his pragmatism as an engineer that might have readied him most for the challenge of developing and teaching a product management framework that works.

Dan's book is a bestseller and a top recommended read on the 100 Product Managers resources list.

I caught up with Dan after his keynote presentation at INDUSTRY to walk our listeners through his Product-Market Fit Pyramid and share advice on how to develop great products, play by play.

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If you're in the Bay Area, be sure to drop in to one of Dan's Lean Product and Lean UX Meetups, a monthly gathering of Silicon Valley product leaders sharing even more great ideas on practical product management.

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