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Listen to five new podcasts featuring global product leaders from our special coverage of INDUSTRY 2017.

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Mike Belsito wants us all to become better product managers. Tune in to meet the man behind Industry: The Product Conference.

Dec 13

Dan Olsen is the author of The Lean Product Playbook and a product management consultant for leading companies in Silicon Valley. In this interview, Dan explains how to develop great ideas, play by play.

Dec 13

Brainmates is Australia's leading Agile and Product Management Training group. In this episode, Jen shares practical advice for enterprise teams who may be struggling to shift into a product mindset.

Dec 13

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a massive customer base for your amazing product? In this episode, go-to-market pro Matt Althauser shares stories from the frontlines and advice for how PMs can foster better relationships with sales teams.

Dec 13

Brent Tworetzky and Brian Smith are both deep supporters of the "let's go see" method of validating ideas. If you would like to learn more about the technique known as "user science" tune in now.

Dec 13


100 Product Managers began with a mission to interview one hundred active product managers in Los Angeles - from startups to enterprise. We didn't realize we were also pioneering the web's first consolidated and comprehensive resource for product management topics.
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Industry: The Product Conference is aimed at product managers who function like a CEO for their products, pulling input from marketing, design, engineering and other departments. Their purpose is to inform, connect and inspire product people from all over the world
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